Our services are focused for customers. We have a very close relationship with our suppliers which enable us to provide right products and required documentation in time and also after sales services. We offer competent consultation and support combined with excellent products. We are making a bridge between our network of international partners and our customers.

  • Sourcing Products out of India
    1. Taking care of all the purchases out of India :
      • This is on 100% on transparent basis
      • Finding out the good suppliers for the required product
      • Helping with specifications, samples, documents required for new suppliers
      • Getting the competitive quote from various suppliers
      • Quality inspection, follow up for the shipments, post shipment documentation etc
      • After sales service if there is any quality complaint

    2. Basically giving end to end service for all the purchases in a very transparent manner.

    3. Simple Trading
      • Offering the product on time to time basis based on customer’s requirement
      • Find out the good and reliable supplier for the product and offer the same at a very competitive price

  • Selling Products in India
    • Helping the international suppliers to sell the products in India
    • Find out the customers for their products in India
    • Help them to promote the product in India
    • Find out market information like quantity and market prices and all other requirements
    • Servicing the business locally in India and Asia Pacific
    • Helping Indian suppliers to sell the product all over world with existing network and international marketing and sales experience
    • Working with Indian manufacturers to develop their business western part of India

  • Market Research
  • Doing the complete market research as per client’s requirement. Which includes as follows :
    • Finding complete details about the product
    • Its application in India
    • Total Potential
    • Government rules and regulations
    • List of Customers
    • Competition information etc

  • Consultancy
    • Making complete business plan or marketing strategy for a company
    • Preparing Manuals for various functions in an organization
    • Analyzing organization and its strategies
    • Helping organizations to find out right kind of people with required skills and knowledge
    • Providing consultancy for credit insurance in India(ECGC and others)
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